Ian & Ann's 2nd trip to Mull

13th - 17th February 2005

Ian & Eric

Wah hey hey!

We travelled up from Devon on Sunday morning. Exeter to Glasgow is all motorway so we pulled off at Morecambe for lunch. The Kings Arms in Morecambe is a large "rough and ready" pub but the staff were pleasant and the food was great. The United-City game was on - Ann read the Sunday papers while United won 2-0. Directly opposite the pub is the statue of Eric Morecambe. Picking up the M6 again we passed Carnforth railway station. On to Regent Hotel in Oban. [The slope at Carnforth]

A Brief Encounter with Carnforth Station

View from our room at the Regent Hotel

A good view from our room the Regent Hotel in Oban before our 10am sailing.

Loading on the Isle of Mull ferry

The Isle of Mull ferry was on time. Not many on board and the sea flat calm.

On road from Craignure to Tobermory this lean-to had fell over sometime ago.

She Knows Where She's Going.

The Western Isles Hotel is very friendly welcoming hotel.

Our room had view of Tobermory

The staff cannot do too much for you. A Room with a View? Of course.

King Edward VIII Pillar Box

Less than 100 of these Post Boxes were made and one arrived here in Tobermory

Lunch in the Mishnish

We left the car at the Western Isles Hotel and walked down the hill into Tobermory. Most of the shops were open for business and woollen hat, scarf, gloves and socks were purchased. The Mishnish pub was still serving lunch. A real Scottish steak, a real open fire and a cassette player with real "Scottish Musak"! What else could you want? Further along we bought three wild haggis from the local butcher and, as advised, left them in the car boot. "Hurry up its cold"

At Carsaig Waterfall it was very cold.

2 minutes of babble from Ann & Ian going to Carsaig Harbour

The phone box number is:- (01681) 704203

A steady nerve and 4WD is needed for the 4 mile excursion to Carsaig.

Even from a distance the destruction is clear

A hole in the far wall has appeared

The hole in the wall is just visible

Recent storms have damaged the harbour even more

Iron work showing how it was all held together

It’s a roller-coaster ride even at the frightening speed of 10-20mph. Twists, sheer drops and huge pot holes in the road keeps the pulse racing. Four-wheel drive is a comfort on such a slippery road. There are very few places to park when you do get to Carsaig Harbour. The entire centre of the stone harbour has now gone. Its like a giant jigsaw puzzle; all the pieces are there and even the iron straps showing how it was held together can be clearly seen on lower stone blocks. If repairs are not done soon it cannot be long before the rest of the harbour is lost.

I did not dare walk over hole in wall

The Boathouse

Crest on 2nd Boathouse

Loch Buie & Moy Castle

Moy Castle in the mist

After the storm at Moy ~ movie

The door is chained and padlocked....

After the storm at Moy ~ movie 2

So could not get inside Moy Castle...

but the chain was lose enough.....

to hold a camera inside.......

and blindly snap away.

No damage to the castle itself

Storms have washed up tonnes of debris

Misty day

Flag missing from its pole



It was very calm on our last night with hardly a ripple on the water. The next morning another photo before making the dash to Craignure and the ferry. Its a magical place and can't wait to go back. ~ Ian@court.eclipse.co.uk ~ (C) All images are copyright 2005

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