This was Ian & Ann's first trip to Mull in search of

"I know Where I'm Going"

1st - 4th August 2004

We had travelled up from South Devon and stayed at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool over night. We had pre-booked a 4 hour trip the next day (Sunday) with Gemini Cruises, at Crinan, to visit Corryvreckan at leaving 12.30pm. So we had to leave Liverpool early at 8.00am and only just got to the tiny quayside in time ~ abandoning the car in a ditch.

Jura is on the left and Scarba on the right

This is about as rough as it got but its still hardly a ripple

A wave of almost 6" now with the tide at full flood

There were 8 of us were on board. Having seen Corryvreckan only in IKWIG I was expecting to be lashed to the mast and come back soaking wet. Ann had taken sea-sick pills but despite picking the middle of a spring tide it was like a mill pond!

The water was fascinating with thousands of little vortexes swirling around but it was still very calm. The skipper tried his hardest to liven things up by every so often throwing the wheel hard over and making everybody cling onto something.

63 mile dash from Crinan to Oban and the 6.30 pm Ferry

The ferry was on time leaving Oban ~ luckily we were on time getting to Oban.

Small green Island ?

We had to stay at the Western Isles Hotel

Telephone booth gone

A good menu and wine list. Extremely friendly staff reserved the window table

IKWIG poster & Stills @ WIH

IKWIG poster and stills

Ian @ Western Isles Hotel

I Know Where I'm Going

Western Isles Hotel - Staircase

No its not Roger Livesey

A room


a view


Entrance to Torosay Castle is just south Craignure

Fenella's Wood

It is a very pleasent mile walk

Duart Castle is just visible across the bay


First glimps Torosay Castle


Quite large surrounding gardens


Inside Torosay Duart is visible


Torosay has very friendly staff who


allow you to just wander about.

Nice tea rooms at the back

Balamory Express

The Balamory Express runs

Torosay Station

between Craignure and Torosay

though walking is faster

Duart Castle

Photography not permitted. Duart's "Rosa Kleb"grabed Ann just as the flash went off


We snuck this one while they were changing the guard

Lucky we did not end up here

Look out for sheep.

Park here and walk as there is nowhere to park further on.

Nice chap and he drives a hearse

Dave-the-Grave's house

Just over a little hump back bridge and over a 5 bar iron gate

Through the gate on right.

Our first sight of Moy Castle

Top of Moy

Grassy path to Moy Castle

Scottish flag flies

Bridge sadly washed away (Jan'05)

Small rickety bridge

A terrible strong curse

but I'll risk it!

for McNeil of Kiloran

Ann in front of Moy Castle

Moy from the shore

View From Moy

Loch Buie from Moy Castle

Its about an 8 mile drive from Strathcoil on the main road to Loch Buie over very twisty bumpy roads past stunning scenery. Just when you think it looks safe to venture over 25 mph the road will catch you out and you will ground the sump. Many gouges in the road prove you will not have been the first to do this.

For such a small road it is quite busy, two Mercedes estates in convoy (with German plates) tailgated us half way along so I pulled in and let them pass. When we reached Loch Buie they were both stopped, all doors open, bonnet up with a German under each!

Its ok we both have a room

Phone box on road to Carsaig harbour

Its a very tricky 4 mile each way from the main road


Carsaig Harbour

Over the years the centre

has been ripped up.

Other boathouse

Can you see the join?

Boathouse in IKWIG

It was Sunday afternoon when we set off from Moy to Carsaig only 3 miles along the coast but 25 miles by road. We noticed the petrol gauge showing 0 miles but carried on driving and hoping. Amazingly we made it there and back to Craignure where we had seen two petrol stations. One petrol station was closed permanently and the helpful attendant of the other told me he didn't have any petrol but "I could have some Diesel". Ann had stashed gallon petrol in the car boot and we just made it the 23 miles back to the Western Isles Hotel on fumes and by coasting in neutral where possible.

The next morning I filled up in Tobermory before looking at the price - 94p per litre! So fill up on the mainland before crossing is my advice - I hope I take my advice next time.

(Petrol was only 78p p/litre on the mainland at the time)

(C) All images are copyright 2004

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